We provide our clients of all industries with elite and highly experienced professionals to augment their staff

We understand the staffing needs and requirements of organizations of all sizes

We streamlined roles required by various organizations to satisfy their needs for competent and expert potential from the job market

We offer 5 key staff roles with expertise in business, technology, data (big data) and analytics

The 5 key staff roles are:

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The Engineer / Technology Consultant: (Manager level and above)

Professional with 10+ years of experience and training. Highly competent to perform and lead various tasks including, database modelling, data warehouse design and development, CRM, web development, ETL, programming, design and architecture, integration – batch and real-time, product support and project management among others using various technologies i.e., SQL, NO-SQL, Hadoop, IBM-Netezza, INFA, Telematics, R, SAS, Text Analytics, Oracle BI, Oracle Hyperion EPM, etc.​

The Controller: (Sr. Manager level and above)

Professional with over 15 years of experience and training. Highly qualified to perform various task including governance structure and operating model design (i.e., owners, steward, council, etc.), data quality, metadata, and master data management processes development, corporate policies, standards and procedures establishment and project management among others.

The Scientist / Business Consultant: (Manager level and above)

Professional with 10+ years of training and experience. An expert in leading and executing a diverse nature of tasks that include, business analysis, statistical modelling, data mining, programming, reporting, data analysis and mapping, design and prototyping, project management and solutions requirements among others applied to various business functions i.e., Finance and Risk Management, Consumer Insights and Marketing, Call Center, Sales, etc.

The Officer: (Executive level i.e., Chief Data and/or Analytics Officers, Chief Financial Officers, Chief Risk Officers, etc.)

Highly competent professional with over 15-20 years of experience in management, leadership and executive duties. Capable and experienced in performing all the job descriptions of the above mentioned 4 profiles.

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The Strategist: (Sr. Manager level and above)

Highly competent professional with 15 years above of training and experience. Well qualified to develop tailored and effective business, technology, big data and analytics strategies and road maps for various industries i.e., Financial Services to Auto-finance, Auto, Healthcare, Entertainment, etc.​​